I was a public school classroom teacher for 10 years. By year 5, I was tired of feeling like a bad teacher. I was tired of the pressure from admin. to teach science like a nonfiction reading comprehension class. I knew that my best feel-good teaching moments came from empowering my students -- usually through hands-on activities. I believed there was a way to bring more joy to my classroom without sacrificing rigor. Fun doesn’t have to mean fluff.

In 2008, I discovered a master’s program in design-based learning that changed my life. More importantly, it changed my students’ lives! The more design projects into my class, the more I felt like the teacher I was meant to be.

My kids were empowered & challenged. They were problem-solvers and critical thinkers. With experience, they became resilient risk-takers who persevered in the face of failure.

My proudest teaching moments are all connected to STEM Challenges. I want teachers everywhere to feel the pride of feel-good teaching moments. I want students everywhere to feel the joy of brain-busting work disguised as fun. That’s what’s behind the work I do today. I am beyond thrilled to spend my days creating resources and professional development that help teachers reconnect with their calling!

So come and hang out, check out the blog, resources, videos, and PD. And don’t hesitate to reach out & let me know what's on your mind.


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