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Elementary STEM CON

Grade levels for each session are color-coded in the lower right of each image as follows:

Lime: preK -2nd  |  Pink: 3rd - 5th |  Aqua: 6th -8th   |  Teal: 9th -12th

The grade levels listed are the best-fit recommendations from the presenters, but all teachers are welcome to attend any session. In addition, not every session fits cleanly into one grade level bucket. We encourage you to browse through the full session lists to see what applies best to your teaching assignment. 

Use the "See More +" under each session to see descriptions.

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Illustrating, Designing and Drawing for STEM
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Regulating and Fostering Resilience in the Midst of Stress with Kristin Souers
Students as Owners of Learning and Partners of Educational Change with Dr. Yong Zhao
Engineering with Paper: Amazing Projects with Simple Supplies with Godwin Morris
Welcome to InventionLIT! with Dr. Arlyne Simon
Full STEAM Ahead for Special Ed with Dr. Ken Scheel
Get Your English Language Learners Engaged in STEM! with Liana Davis
Finding Strategic Funding for Your Program with Dr. Yen Verhoeven
Fostering Inclusive STEM Teaching to Engage ALL Learners
Dr Karl W. Reid Live Presenter
Simple STEM for Little Learners with Brooke Brown
Elementary STEM CON
Art is ELEMENTary! Teaching the 7 Elements of Art with Chelsey Odgers
Plan with Me! Designing Integrated STEM Stations with Dia Charley
Build the Story - Connecting Literature and STEAM Using KEVA Planks with Amy Scheel
I'm a New STEM/Makerspace Teacher... Now What? with Anita Goodwin
It Started with a Book... Introducing STEAM through Literature with Carrie Willis & Caitlin Arakawa
The Amazing World of 3D Design & Printing with Dr. Heather Kaiser
Math, Loose Parts, and Nature, Oh My! with Dr. Carla Gull
Let's Talk Data with Michelle Velho and Grace Sanvictores
Cultivating a Creative Classroom: Ideas to Inspire Creativity with Chelsey Odgers
From Inspector to Supplier: Getting Started with Collaborative Groups with Liana Davis
3 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement with Code & Play with Marisa Labadini and Angela Towner Mertz
STEM with Primary Learners with Renee Heinrich
Beyond the Classroom: Simple Home-Based STEM for a Continued Learning Experience with Dr. Yasmine Daniels
5 Sensational Ideas for Using Makerspace in the Primary Classroom with Trina Deboree
New Ways to Play with Blocks with Kate Meyerheoffer
You Never Know What the Outdoors will STEAM Up! with Shandalyn McKinley
No STEM Lab? No Problem! STEM Integration in the Regular Classroom with Wendy Goldfein and Cheryl Nelson
More Meaningful Makerspace Moments in Literature with Trina Deboree
Make Transcurricular Ties to Your STEM Challenges with Dr. Yen Verhoeven
Storybook Connections: Find a Character's Problem and Discover the STEM
Full STREAM Ahead in a Faith-Based School with Selena Scott and Elizabeth Ahlgrim
Planning STEM Units in the Primary Classroom with Trina Deboree
45-Minute STEM with Carol Davis
More Augmented Reality with Cristina De Vega Benavides
STEM Careers: Introducing Elementary Kids to the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How
How to Create a STEM Project That Leaves Spaghetti and Marshmallows in the Dust
STEM in 30 Minutes or Less? with Kerry Tracy
Cultivating Creativity in STEM
Integrating Industry Terminology and Processes into Your STEAM Projects
Tackling STEM with Third Graders with Carol Davis
Quests... Looking for Answers with Cristina de Vega Benavides
The Renewable Energy Games with Erin Twamley
Engineering with Paper: Building and Testing Structures with Godwin Morris
Let's Talk About Math and STEM with Carol Davis
Fun Strategies for Teaching Scientific Writing Skills with CERs with Amanda Kramer
Create Your Own Digital Stop Motion Animation with Meredith Anderson
Robotics in the Makerspace with Pamela Alba
Student Voice in STEM with Natasha Wilkerson
Cooperation Over Competition: Ways to Promote a More Cooperative STEM Learning Space with Loren Thorpe
Innovation Projects: How to Manage, Inspire, and Celebrate PBL for Social Impact with Amanda Kramer
Tips for Adding More Tech for Non-Techy Teachers with Marijo McBeth
Project Based Learning in Your Classroom with Renee Heinrich
Build a Website with Just a Pencil with Sam Taylor M. ED
Poison Squad with Brittany Culjan
Save the World! Sustainability Based STEAM Resources and Strategies! with Amanda Kramer
How to Adjust a STEM Activity to Fit Your Students with Marijo McBeth
Embedding 21st Century Skills and Career Readiness into Your STEAM with Dr. Yen Verhoeven
Musical Math - The Staff is a Graph

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