What's in the Bonus Bundle?


Every attendee will get all of these resources included in Whole-Teacher EclecticCon!

Resources will be added several at a time to the conference site every Monday leading up to the conference. By the time we get started on July 27, you'll have all 29 resources shown below.

Learn more about each resource in the bonus bundle by clicking on its image below.

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You'll also get instant access to three bonus training sessions!

Teaching Students to Persevere & Not Give Up or Shut Down During STEM Challenges by Kerry Tracy


Even if you haven't done STEM Challenges with your students, you've probably run into the issue where students shut down and give up on tasks far too easily. 

You'll find the tips inside this training applicable and adaptable to any situation where you want to teach your students to show grit & determination.

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Aligning to Your Moral Center by Dr. Yen Verhoeven

Every teacher started with a dream on why they wanted to teach. This short video will help you realign yourself to your moral center so that you can ignite the love of learning in your kids while also teaching to your heart. 

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Fund Your Movement by Dr. Yen Verhoeven

This session builds on the concepts from the first. In this video, Dr. Verhoeven will show you how to strategize and build your #scenius to fund and support the work you do!

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  • 60+ training sessions
  • Private pop-up Facebook group to interact with presenters and attend live sessions
  • 5 live special guest presentations
  • 5 live panel discussions
  • Bonus Bundle of teaching resources (valued at $125+)
  • Additional free resources and prize giveaways
  • Opportunities for continuing education units (see FAQ for details)

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