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Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Join us July 27 - 31, 2020

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Whole-Teacher EclecticCon 
is the PD you need -- whether you're returning to the regular classroom or distance learning!

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The missing pieces for one teacher may not look the same as they do for another, but there's something here for everyone!

  • Distance learning

  • Culturally-responsive teaching

  • SEL & building community

  • Educational technology

  • Core academic content areas: ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies

  • Arts integration

  • Special education

  • Classroom management

  • Effective sub planning

  • Avoiding burnout

One thing we
know for sure:

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What's Included at Whole-Teacher EclecticCon?

Video Sessions

Over 30 hours of training to feed your mind and your teacher spirit. Watch a few, or watch them all! You'll have access to all content & resources for a full year.

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Pop-Up Facebook Group

Live sessions and panels will happen every day during the conference. You can also interact with presenters. If you're not on Facebook, don't worry! You won't miss out. Scroll to the FAQ for details. 

Bonus Bundle, Raffles & Freebies (Oh my!)

Every attendee will receive over $125 in freebies from the presenters, plus there will be additional raffles and giveaways throughout the conference! We have $2,000+ in prizes to give away so far!

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Professional Development Credits

Official transcripts for three CEUs are available for an additional fee through UC Santa Barbara Extension. Scroll down to the FAQ for more options and details.


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Session Lists by Topic

See Session Lists by Day & Session Descriptions Here

Conference at a Glance

We've put together a PDF to show you all the sessions and presenters in one place. Download it for yourself, or share it with your principal to see if you can get your training paid for by the district!

Click the image to grab the file.

All this, plus a bonus gift -- actually 29 bonus gifts!


When you register, we know it will be hard to wait until July 27th for the conference to start. To keep the excitement going, every attendee will receive 29 teaching resources from our talented presenters!

These resources are valued at over $125, so this conference pays for itself more than twice over! 😲

Want to see exactly what's in the bundle?

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What are you waiting for?

Let's fill in those missing pieces.

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  • 60+ training sessions
  • Private pop-up Facebook group to interact with presenters and attend live sessions
  • 5 live special guest presentations
  • 5 live panel discussions
  • Bonus Bundle of teaching resources (valued at $125+)
  • Additional free resources and prize giveaways
  • Opportunities for continuing education units (see FAQ for details)
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